Research Groups

Network & Wireless Communications Systems

Networking and distributed systems provide the infrastructure for computation, communication, and storage involving a heterogeneous and potentially large amount of data. The research group of DCS addresses issues concerning protocol design, computatio ...View more

Data Science/Big Data Analytics

This is a data science group ...View more

Intelligent space and Machine Learning

Traffic Sensing Technologies Daiheng Ni, in Traffic Flow Theory, 2016 “Intelligent transportation systems” (ITS) refers to efforts that apply information, communication, and sensor technologies to vehicles and transportation infrastructure in order to ...View more

Computer Science Education

Studies have found that anger is naturally associated with human behavior, yet it is preferred that it does not lead to aggression. The dangers associated with aggressive behavior cannot be underestimated especially when it is directed towards living ...View more

Cyber Security

Although the use of behaviour change support systems (BCSS) have been successful especially in developed countries, its application in developing countries is minimal. This is probably because most persuasive systems or technologies are deployed on sm ...View more

Wireless Communication Networks

Wireless communications are going to be the key to future communications. This technology is envisaged to affect every part of our lives, ranging from interpersonal communication and household devices through agriculture and environment to medical dia ...View more

Photonic Devices

Photonic Devices will constitute key components in the infrastructure of future communication networks. This group is involved in the study and modeling of semiconductor photonic and optoelectronic device physics and fabrication technologies. We are a ...View more