Ph.D. programmes

Our doctoral programme is a full-time research programme with expected duration of 4-years. For the successful completion of this programme, a high level of commitment is required.

Students are therefore expected to reside close to the University and be a full-time participant in the program. With guidance from postgraduate committee, PhD students will create a personalized program of study that includes a major area of specialization and at least two minor areas of specialization.

In addition to coursework, the department holds regular seminars where students and faculty review and critique research in the field. To foster prudent critique, students are expected to join at most one research lab and participate in research activities carried out by the group. The research areas of the department are Intelligent Space and Machine Learning, Data Science/Big Data Analytics, Networking and Communications Engineering, and Cyber Security

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UG-CSCD People
If you are inspired by a big challenge, you've come to the right place! The computer science community at the univrersity of Ghana encourages it's people to be vibrant and brave in taking on new challenges that push boundries beyond imagination.
Distance Learning
Experience a UG-CDCD classroom from wherever you are. Take advantage of real-time lectures and personal interaction with professors through a suite of online delivery options, customizing your degree to fit your schedule. Our online classroom maintains the same level of academic rigor, while providing students with more ways of learning.
Building Our Future
So what defines our students, faculty and community members? Above all, it’s our belief in the infinite possibilitie and our unshakable optimism. It’s a connection to others near and far. A hunger for socio-economic transformation that pushes us to tackle challenges and pursue progress. It’s the conviction that together we can create a world of good. Join us on the journey.